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Most of the information here was initially reported by Henry Mintz who was a reliable source for names and relationships. Many, but not all of the facts have been verified in census data or through other sources. For privacy reasons this "tree" does not include living relatives. However, if you think we have a connection, please drop me a line and we can explore in to more detail. You can reach me as

The patriarch of this clan was Isaac Mintz (1869 - 1922), who presumably arrived in the United States from Austria with his parents in 1870. He lived in New York City until his death on October 14, 1922, which was the result of an accident in his home as documented in a newspaper article. There is reasonable evidence to suggest that Isaac's father was named Yerachmiel, apparently Americanized at times to Robert and at times to Samuel. Isaac married Lena Klemann (1871 - 1913). Isaac and Lena had 10 children ("The ten little Indians"). Their children were:

  • Selig (Solomon) Mintz (1888- 1959) who married Anna Steiner (1893 - 1975). They had 2 children.
  • Hyman Mintz (1889), who apparently died quite young.
  • Irving Mintz (1891 - 1940) who married Anna Plotkin (1891 some time after1940).
  • Herman Mintz (1893 - 1958) who married Bess Schall (1894 1984). They had two children, but one died in infancy (see below).
  • Bess Mintz (1894 - 1984) who married David Harris (formerly David Cohen, from England).
  • William Mintz (1896 - 1975) who married Faye Axelrod (1901 - 1987). They had 3 children.
  • Ruth Mintz (1899 - 1966) who married Louis Nathanson.
  • Max Mintz (1901 - 1967) who married Rose Glaser (sister of Gertrude Glaser, see below). They had 1 child.
  • Benjamin Mintz (1903 - 1968) who married Rebecca Richman. They had 2 children.
  • Henry Mintz (1908 - 1993) who married Gertrude Glaser (1908 - 1985). They had 2 children.

After Lena died in 1913, Isaac married a woman named Sadie (possibly in 1915). Sadie had a young daughter named Lena. Both Sadie and her daughter Lena are listed in the 1920 census. Sadie is mentioned in the newspaper article about Isaac's accident. I have so far been unable to obtain any additional information about either Sadie or her daughter, although there is a rumor in the family that Sadie may have been Lena's sister.

Here are some Mintz family photos:

         Isaac's gravestone (Yitzhak bar Yerachmiel HaCohen), located in Washington Cemetery, Brooklyn, NY.

         Stone of infant Jerome Mintz (Yaakov bar Chiam), the first born child of Herman Mintz and Bess (Schall) Mintz.

Resources for Mintz family researchers:

         There is a mailing list for people interested in sharing information about the MINTZ family. To subscribe send a message to with the word "subscribe" in the body of the message.


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