The Glaser Clan

This part of my family history is reasonably complete, thanks mostly to the help of my cousins Ruth and Elaine. For privacy reasons this "tree" does not include living relatives. However, if you think you have a connection, please drop me a line and we can explore in more detail.  You can reach me as

The patriarch of this clan was Nissen (Nathan, Natan) Glaser. He married Resia (Rose, Risha) Tischler.  Circa 1908 they lived in Buczacz, Galicia (now Buchach, Ukraine), but I believe they later moved to Vienna, Austria (perhaps in 1917). They had 7 children:

  • Harry Glaser who married Pauline, and had 4 children.

  • Sophie Glaser who married Aaron Anderman, and had 2 children.

  • Fannie Glaser who married Nathan Keitelman, and had 2 children.

  • Rose Glaser who married Max Mintz, and had 1 child.

  • Eddie Glaser who married Anna, and had 3 children.

  • Sadie Glaser who married Ruby Eckstein, and had 4 children.

  • Gertrude (Gisela) Glaser who married Henry Mintz in New York, and had 2 children.

Here are a few photos of members of the Glaser family.

Resources for Glaser family researchers:

  • There is a mailing list for people interested in sharing information about the GLASER family. To subscribe send a message to with the word "subscribe" in the body of the message.

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