The Baran Clan

Unfortunately, I have limited (but growing) information about the Baran side of my family. Much of the clan perished in the holocaust, and since my mother was reluctant to speak about the early period of her life I have more questions than answers. Some of the names may be cover names adopted during the holocaust.

For privacy reasons this "tree" is incomplete. However if you think you may be related to anyone on this tree please let me know, as I am anxious to learn more about this part of my family and would be happy to share what I do know. You can reach me as

According to Sophie Baran, her grandparents were Isaac and Barsheba Baran. They lived in Eastern Europe, probably Poland. Isaac died and was buried in Alexandria, Egypt on his way to the holy land. Their children were:

  • Abraham (Abram) Baran who married Rosaly Braude.

    • Their son Paul Alexander Baran PhD (1910 - 1964) was a well known economist in the United States

  • A daughter,Mina Baran, who married Pinchas Santocki and had 2 children

  • Mordechai (also known as Mota and Alexander or Aleksander?) Baran married Rebecca Edelson (Edelsohn?). They lived in Vilno, Poland (now Vilnius, Lithuania), and died at the hands of the Nazis. Their 4 children were

    • Sophie(Nachama,Zosha, Zoshiu)Baran (1923 - 1982) who survived the war, moved to the United States, married, and had 3 children.

    • Rachel (Lotka) Baran, who survived the war, married, and moved to Israel where she had 4 children.

    • Gregory Baran, who survived the war, moved to the United States, married, and had 2 children.

    • Benjamin, who also died at the hands of the Nazis

  • Ofsiej, who married Mari and had 4 children, and then died at the hands of the Nazis

  • Cyla (Sonia), who died at the hands of the Nazis

Here are a few photos of members of the Baran family.

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